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Service and maintenance

After purchasing a glamping tent, it is important to maintain it. In this way you make optimal use of the long life of the tent. We can also handle (glamping) tents and other structures that you have previously purchased.

The glamping tent sometimes has to endure a lot. Wind, rain and moisture can, if you do not have the tent cloth treated regularly, affect or even damage the cloth. If your glamping tent is well maintained, you can avoid high repair and maintenance costs. As a glamping expert, we offer various services for this.

Our maintenance service

From winterising to periodic maintenance of your glamping tent. Everything to keep your glamping tent or other structure in top shape.


During the winterising maintenance, our colleagues will prepare your glamping tent for (extreme) winter weather conditions. The frame, canvas, zippers and couplings are all checked and repaired where necessary.

Impregnation treatment

Our glamping tents are equipped with high-quality impregnated tent cloth. This ensures that the tent canvas is waterproof from the outside. Sunlight affects this impregnation layer over the years. Our periodic impregnation treatment prevents leaks and mould.

Anti-algae treatment

Nothing is more annoying than green deposits on your purchased glamping tent or other structure. Because it is always outside, the tent cloth is susceptible to mosses and algae that cause this green deposit. For this we have a special anti-algae service programme. This allows us to thoroughly remove the deposit. In addition, the tent cloth is given a protective layer against green deposits, which makes it less likely to return.


Our specialised professionals are happy to help you expertly repair damage to your tent canvas. If possible, this always takes place on location. We also have our own sewing workshop. This also allows us to repair damage that is too high or too large for on-site repair.

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